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The new school year is coming soon. Excite your students with the new NGSS-aligned curricula. Use our special Back to School Offer and get Lifeliqe app!

We are happy to offer you a 3-month free trial for the whole classroom OR 20 % discount for all of the site license purchases of the Lifeliqe apps. Save up to $1,000! Just choose what you prefer and let us know by filling out the form below! This offer is valid only until the end of September.

Lifeliqe increases student excitement and understanding difficult concepts. Read below about the impact Lifeliqe has on learning and teaching in schools around US.

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Crafting Next Generation Science Learning

We live in a time of transition. Cognitive and neuroscience are changing the way that we understand learning. Emerging technologies offer ways for learners to see and do things heretofore unthinkable. New standards for English language arts, mathematics and science call for new approaches to teaching. All these changes demand we approach pedagogy with an eye, practices grounded in solid research.

Lifeliqe has chosen to embrace these opportunities with world class 3D STEM objects that students can study, manipulate, incorporate into their work, with lesson plans aligned to the CCSS/NGSS and correlated with the most popular science textbooks, and with offering these objects not only on a mobile platform but in augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality media.

We want students to be engaged in a wholly different and far superior way.

A team of researchers led by Professor Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency, undertook a detailed research investigation of the impact of 3D on students' learning across 7 countries in 2010-2011 resulted in twice the improvement in test scores than was achieved with more traditional media.
LIFE 1 Project (Learning in Future Education) interpreted by Dr. Anne Bemford (International Research Agency, UK)
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We asked over 4,000 students and teachers from more than 100 countries about their experience with Lifeliqe's 3D objects:Learn more

Right now at Lifeliqe

Last year we began working with HTC as a strategic education partner for the Vive. We shared some of our lessons with SUNY Buffalo Professor Robert Lamb who tested learning gains with that medium and concluded,

“Meaningful use of technology in the science classroom that provides disciplinary convergence through underlying cognitive attributes, affective factors, and skills implementation."

We have just begun developing activities in mixed reality, using Microsoft HoloLens as our medium. In our first test:

As Michele Zimmermann of Renton Prep School in WA put it,

“The use of mixed reality with Lifeliqe can have a profound impact on conceptual understanding because of the visual nature and types of engagement possible."

So, we intend to continue developing 3D objects for learner to engage with and emerging technologies to increase that engagement and to enlist the aid of other academic researchers to tell us where we get it right. We want learners to be scientists, not just students of science.

I want to try Lifeliqe in my class
Lifeliqe is a visual learning platform introducing the first digital science curriculum that engages students with interactive 3D models. NGSS and Common Core aligned. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality enabled. Lifelike.
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Why is Lifeliqe needed?


Lifeliqe used at districts around the us:

Proven to increase engagement and understanding in STEM. In 119 countries and 203 school districts in 41 US states.

Interested in purchase?

Lifeliqe licensing policy is flexible. We offer classroom, school, and district licenses, with a mix of Lifeliqe products based on your school’s needs and use cases. For more information, contact us at