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„A passion for science has the answer to everything,“ says Jerker from Sweden

Are you wondering how teachers around the world are using Lifeliqe 3D experiences and how they implement it to their lesson plans? Get inspiration and feed your curiosity: meet Jerker Porat!


Imagine a place next to a lake. Leaves of birches on the shores shiver in the wind. Small waves are running across the water surface. Nordic wooden houses painted red, white and yellow built loosely next to each other. And then there’s the railway station, a majestic red-brick building bringing back memories of the old times. Did you get the picture? Welcome to Nora in Sweden, Jerker’s hometown. It’s a picturesque town just some 150 miles from Stockholm.


Jerker is a Swedish Microsoft Expert Educator and in 2012 received an award for the most innovative teacher in Sweden. He teaches biology, physics, mathematics and PE in Karlsängskolan, basically K-12 science in US terms.
Watch a video our community shaman Martin shoot when he visited Jerker Porat in Nora.

„I love knowledge. When you learn about a new area, it opens up another ones. There is always so much new to learn,“ says Jerker.

Jerker Porat is definitely a teacher you want to have around students.

„I have passion to share with my students – a passion for science. It has the answer to everything we meet in our daily life,“ Jerker explains.

He started using our interactive 3D models as a teaching tool to give his students deeper understanding of what they are learning.

„Lifeliqe is like a blueprint of their own body. They can examine it and then teach it to others,“ Jerker adds.

Jerker and his students

Teach it to others

Jerker’s project shows how to engage students using Lifeliqe, challenging them to make their own materials and later teach the learnings to younger kids. He has a similar approach as Janne from Finland.

Jerker believes that when teaching others, students need to have a deeper knowledge of the subject and it also helps them to train other skills needed in the 21st century.

„One of them is communication, in this case from older to younger students. We also train them not only to consume knowledge, but to create it,“ he thinks.

How does it work in practice?

Students use Lifeliqe to get a deep understanding about one of the interactive models – for example, human ear or other body organs – and then use the app to make presentations.

For that purpose they can use:



To make presentations students can use Lifeliqe Creator or integration to PowerPoint or Keynote.

To make presentations students can use Lifeliqe Creator or integration to PowerPoint or Keynote.


Learn with your senses

“I have noticed that when students create these materials for others, they are self-confident. And that is one of the best benefits for me as a teacher,” says Jerker.

He also praised the fact that Lifeliqe enables students to learn with more than just one sense, that’s why it’s great for visual and kinesthetic learners.


There’s a Lifeliqe Book in Creator inspired by Jerker’s project named Learn by telling.



As well as Janne’s story this one could be created only thanks to our community shaman Martin who traveled through Europe to meet our inspirational teacher! Here’s a proof! Let us now how you are using Lifeliqe in your class, maybe we’ll come to visit you too.



Jerker and Lifeliqe community shaman Martin