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Lifeliqe’s latest version brings science 3D curricula, textbook correlation and new sharing options!

Lifeliqe’s latest update brings users the first digital science curricula that engage students with interactive 3D, textbook correlation, and new sharing options! Watch the video, our community shaman Martin will introduce you all the major changes!

1. Science 3D curriculum!
Educators and students can use our science courses and lesson plans created by Dr. Carter, which are the first NGSS-aligned digital curricula with 3D models!

2. Textbook correlation!
Enhance your textbook instruction with the 3D lesson plans and 3D models! Just choose the textbook you use and find the right 3D content for your class,  Lifeliqe curricula is correlated to the major US textbooks:

3. New sharing options!
Use Lifeliqe interactive 3D models to enhance your teaching and learning projects. Take screenshots and export to PowerPoint, Keynote, or save them as photos!

4. Hide the names!
Users of Lifeliqe now have the possibility to assess their students. We added the blind map feature. With every model, you can hide the descriptions and test yourself.

5. Sub-channels!
All the models in Lifeliqe libraries are now organized by the topic they cover.

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