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Lifeliqe CEO predictions on VR turn out correct as PSVR leads the race

Boom, buzz, hype and all the other superlatives that come to your mind would describe VR in 2016. Companies like Vive, Oculus, Sony and Google were (and indeed still are) racing for the biggest media presence, best content and use-cases. But ultimately what all of the manufacturers are seeking is adoption and therefore leading the way of VR.

PlaySation VR user

Back in June 2016 Lifeliqe CEO Ondrej Homola expressed his views on the future of VR in an article for TechCrunch named “Is future of VR Nvidia, Sony and Apple?”. It was the time when VR OEM’s were barely off the startline with selling their devices, some of them not even launched sales at that time. Most of the people would say it was too early to foresee who might eventually win the race, but Ondrej placed his bets anyways. Here’s what he wrote back then:

“Sony PlayStation has a unique position to gain market share and be the clear winner of the virtual reality gaming ecosystem, similar to how Steve Jobs and Apple won early in mobile.”

Most of the OEM’s are reluctant to disclose their official sales figures. But in the end of February 2017, Sony shocked the VR world a bit when reporting 915,000 PSVR units sold since launch in October 2016. The main competitors, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, are yet to disclose the numbers, but estimates say around 450,000 Vives and 355,000 were shipped by the end of 2016.

While it’s still early to assess who the winner is, PSVR already has a substantial advantage over its competitors, just like Ondrej Homola anticipated. And rest assured that was no wild hunch. More a result of deep knowledge of the environment and detailed analysis of the market. Let’s see how the rest of Ondrej’s predictions will turn out but there are already signs he just might be right again.

We’ll be sharing more of Ondrej’s insights soon, you see it’s worth to hear what he has to say! Stay tuned for more…