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Lifeliqe community now has a place to grow!

Our community of teachers, students and parents who use Lifeliqe is growing everyday. Every user has his or her own experience and habits with our tools. One teacher prefers to use our curricullum to build the lecture, another loves the augmented reality feature to engage the kids. The same goes with students – one just wants to play with Lifeliqe dinos in virtual reality all day, where his classmate prefers to go deep into the anatomy of humans, excited to see the vascular system on HoloLens.

We just want to catch up on all of these stories! We want these stories to be heard all across the community so everyone could get inspired and everyone could see what’s possible in classroom with Lifeliqe. So to do that, we have opened a new platform on Facebook for you – Lifeliqe in the classroom community group. Yes, that’s right, and we invite you all to join! The more people we have there, the more opinions, the more ideas, the more inspiration! No matter if you’re an educator, student, parent or you’re just interested in classroom innovation. Come aboard and see how Lifeliqe is changing the world of education!