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Bett London was very lifeliqe this year!

Every year, Bett London is a blast. Being the biggest education event worldwide, it provides a massive space for new technology and innovation in education. As always, it involves meeting with the Lifeliqe community, all the inspirational educator friends and partners with whom we exchange newest updates, thoughts and feedback. How was Bett according to Lifeliqe? We tried to sum up our Bett experience while it’s still fresh :) Read the highlights by Community Shaman Martin Bukacek who joined this year’s Bett with Lifeliqe COO Matous Tlapak.

Martin and Matous

We were happy to see Lifeliqe was literally everywhere. We brought our HoloLens dev kit packed with a brand new Lifeliqe content and lesson plans, and also were featured by Dell, Microsoft, Actiontec, CTOUCH, Nviron, Specktron and Overclockers. One could barely miss our 3D content. As my colleague and Lifeliqe COO Matous puts it:

It was great to see Lifeliqe shining on the booths all over Bett. It makes sense especially when you realize that we are providing end-to-end solution meeting needs of educators using different types of the display media. From the low-end affordable tablets, through high-resolution Dell´s interactive touch boards or projectors, to virtual reality with HTC Vive and mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens“.

Microsoft Showcase School leader Mark Sparvell having his first Lifeliqe HoloLens experience.

Microsoft Showcase School leader Mark Sparvell having his first Lifeliqe HoloLens experience.


Lifeliqe on Dell’s 86-inch interactive monitor.

Lifeliqe on Dell’s 86-inch interactive monitor.

I must admit that any time I put my HoloLens glasses on, I felt like I gained some kind of superpower. Everyone wanted to take a photo with me so I kept explaining everyone they must have confused me with Sir Ken Robinson who was still about to present his keynote speech at that time. Microsoft HoloLens still is a fresh and brand new thing… so much that even Microsoft prefered screening videos rather than bringing the real thing on stage when presenting it. (foto) It may sound surprising when you consider Bett is a showcase of the latest innovation in education but it seemed we were the only one bringing HoloLens over. Perhaps because there is still a meaningful educational content missing, as Microsoft admitted? Seriously, let us know if you have seen anyone else with HoloLens, or even the learning content on it.

Even though we’re still just playing around with the possibilities and use cases with HoloLens and how the Mixed Reality and Lifeliqe can mutually leverage its power for learning, we were excited to hear the overwhelmingly positive response from the education community with whom I spent my time in London. There is nothing to add to these photos and videos of education super-heroes Koen Timmers, Paula Vorne and Kurt Söser, for you to get a bit of taste of the Lifeliqe HoloLens experience!

“This is a completely new device. It will motivate students very much.“ (Koen Timmers, Lifeliqe Inspirational Educator and Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow)

“This is truly fascinating. It will change education completely” (Kurt Söser, Lifeliqe Inspirational Educator and Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow)

Paula Vorne, Lifeliqe Inspirational Educator and Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow, with lungs projected on her body in HoloLens

Paula Vorne, Lifeliqe Inspirational Educator and Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow, with lungs projected on her body in HoloLens.

Worth to mention how sad and sorry I felt for all of those, who couldn’t try Lifeliqe HoloLens on their own, since the demand was simply too big and our capacities quite limited.

These educators still could use Lifeliqe on our partners’ booths. We were stoked to be showcased by so many of them. See these photos and videos to see how Lifeliqe this year’s Bett London was :).

Dell pre-installed Lifeliqe on their leading product – 86-inch touch screen board. Watch our live stream we did at their booth:

Dell also showcased our VR app Lifeliqe VR Museum running on HTC Vive.

foto - dell vr

Actiontec showed how Lifeliqe can expand classroom experience with their flagship product ScreenBeam.

foto - Actiontec
We also did a live stream from Overclockers’ stand where we saw multiple kids immersed in Lifeliqe VR experience on HTC Vive, including little Martha (who I’m again really sorry to confuse with Samantha):

foto - overclockers
Smartboards and different kinds of touch boards were still a big thing at Bett. See Lifeliqe featured at stand of CTOUCH…

foto - ctouch

… Nviron

foto - Nviron

… and Specktron.

foto - specktron

During all that rush one needed to take their time, sit down with friends, partners and Lifeliqe community members, and share a tea session together. Time to say see you next time. You were all amazing!

foto - holo + tea

foto - bett