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November LifeliqeGo Challange

Nature is amazing for its diversity and you hardly ever find things that are completely the same. Still, nature follows certain patterns. Thanksgiving season and all the fruits it brings is a great time to observe these patterns. So, think of all the things that you connect with Thanksgiving and try to find the geometrical objects they resemble. Use Lifeliqe Geometry models, take pictures and share your findings with us.

The LifeliqeGo Biweekly challenge for the period from November 21st to December 4th are the Geometry models!


The challenge is NGSS and Common Core aligned, see this document to browse the alignment.
This is the task for individuals and schools:
Get a picture of any Geometry model and its representation in reality (for example in nature or in architecture).

Then share it on Facebook or Twitter mentioning @lifeliqe and adding hashtag #lifeliqeGo (for individuals) or #lifeliqeGoSchool (for schools).