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The first K-12 science curriculum with 1,300+ interactive 3D models and 700+ lesson plans.

NGSS and Common Core aligned.

Lifeliqe introduces the first digital science curriculum that engages students with interactive 3D models.
Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core aligned.
Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality enabled.

Science Curriculum including 3D models aligned to NGSS!

As the first of its kind, Lifeliqe Science curriculum includes 3D and Augmented Reality models right inside!

The digital curriculum as well as hundreds of lesson plans are aligned to Next Generation Science and Common Core State Standards and are correlated to the major science textbooks in U.S.
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Lifeliqe's middle school Life Science curriculum includes correlation to the following science textbooks:

Interactive Science. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Life Science, 2013.
Life Science. Austin, TX: Holt Science & Technology, 2005.
Science Techbook. Silver Spring, MD: Discovery Education, 2016.
Brainard, J. (2016) Middle School Life Sciences Flexbook. Palo Alto, CA: cK-12

The curriculum was written and correlated by Dr. Michael Carter, an author, researcher, renowned educational expert and former advisor to Steve Jobs and Apple Education in the early days of the Macintosh and NeXT. Dr. Carter applied the 5E’s instructional model commonly used in science instruction today. The model includes the following learning phases: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.

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interactive 3D model

Spark lightbulb moments with 1,300+ 3D models for STEM

Over 1,300 3D models related to STEM K-12 topics empower teachers to spark lightbulb moments in students and help them master science through visual, hands-on, and deep learning experiences.

All content is verified by the world’s top universities.
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Lifeliqe includes the following K-12 subjects and topics:

Life Science (Human Biology, Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Paleontology)
Earth and Space Science (Geology)
Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry)

More effective learning and deeper understanding of scientific knowledge

Did you know that 65 % of the population are visual learners?

Using interactive 3D content for learning is significantly more effective than traditional textbooks and 2D resources. Studies show that students who use 3D increased test scores by 86 % and improved understanding, attention span and engagement in learning.
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Create, publish and share your own 3D lesson plans or customize ours to your needs

The world's most inspirational educators use our content to create, publish and share lesson plans with their students, as well as with other teachers, students or homeschoolers.

Just drag & drop any of Lifeliqe’s 3D models into your lesson plans, e-books, presentations and other learning resources!
Explore how you can create your own 3D lesson plans.
Explore how you can create your own 3D lesson plans.

Interactive visual tool that increases passion for learning in today’s students

It's increasingly difficult to capture students’ attention without the technology they love.

Lifeliqe's interactive 3D and augmented reality models, virtual reality, microscopic deep-zoom images and 3D printing excites students learning STEM and helps teachers and parents deepen connections with students while they learn.

Features empowering you to create, learn and share

Inspired by educators, loved by students, proven by schools

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