January is here, and so as every year we’re excited to announce our presence at Bett London. We do hope to see you there. Come join us! Where? Happy to be a part of the Microsoft booth C300 again. What to expect at our booth and different speaking opportunities and other partner booths? Read on!

  Improved web app, more awesome 3D curricula

We announced significant improvements in our online version, and we hope you stop by to check it out! Improvements in the 3D quality, 3D animations, many new models of topics difficult to imagine, experience and understand, new partner integrations and professional development. Not to mention that you can experience the awesome quality even in your mobile devices such as cell phones. Come let us know what you think!

  Lesson plans in PowerPoint / Remix 3D

We’ve prepared selection of Lifeliqe lesson plans in PowerPoint / Remix3D along with our partner Microsoft. Let’s make it even more exciting to learn science! Remix 3D is currently available as a part of Office 365 subscription and/or is available under every Windows 10 license. The lesson plans are made in PowerPoint and contain Lifeliqe’s 3D models right in. This integration is just a sneak peek of something bigger to come, so come try this out and stay tuned for more updates!

  More ways how to boost your lessons with our 3D and Microsoft tools

More awesome ways how you can enhance your Office lessons with Lifeliqe and Office 365 and other Microsoft learning tools. Just watch our webinar to get an idea how to boost your lessons with Microsoft PowerPoint video recorder, OneNote or Teams.

  Lifeliqe integration in i3LEARNHUB

Last year we announced partnership with i3LEARNHUB – a cloud collaboration and productivity tool provided by i3-technologies. We’re happy to demo how to use Lifeliqe 3D models in i3LEARNHUB at i3-technologies’ booth B80. Check the schedule below. Also, we’ll have few iMO-CUBES at our booth. These cubes make every lesson more interactive especially for younger students as they connect digital interaction with moving in the classroom.

  Where and when to find us speak and demo?

We’ll be demoing all the aforementioned tools at our booth in Microsoft’s C300 all day long. Aside from that, we’d love to invite you to the following demos, talks, panels and demos.

1/23, Microsoft Solutions Showcase – AR & Robotic Panel, 2:30 – 3:15pm

1/23, 24, 25, How to use Lifeliqe at i3-technologies, booth B80

1/25, Microsoft Partner Day – Modernizing the Classroom with Immersive Content, Assignments and Assessment, 11:30 – 12:00

  Just come have some tea with us!

… and of course, seeing each other is always a great opportunity to share a cup of tea and talk how we can help each other to make impact in learning.

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