As the new school year is approaching, we’re bringing new ways how students can engage with our immersive learning content. That’s why we’ve teamed up with CleverBooks for our special Augmented Reality bundle.

For a period of one month, you can leverage a special offer of Lifeliqe and CleverBook’s AR world map Geography Augmented. While CleverBooks blends a physical map with augmented reality models of animals, environments, sights, or historical events, Lifeliqe’s extensive library of 1,500 interactive models of animals, plants, or geography takes the world exploration further to make it even more… lifelike! 🙂 You can always view different world places in 3D, Augmented and even Virtual Reality to dive deeper and activate student learning in the best exciting way.

Visit the dedicated page for Lifeliqe and CleverBooks Back-to-School bundle or ask for a quote for larger school or district licenses.

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