September is getting to its end, all the students and teachers are already back to their schools and ready to learn and teach new things. To make you this process more easy and effective, we bring you five our tutorials of how to use Lifeliqe, which will make your science lessons even more engaging. Let’s have a look on them!

1. How to use science 3D curricula?

Lifeliqe offers you complete science curricula enhanced with 3D content, that can be used in your science lessons. There is more than a thousand of lesson plans aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, so that every single standard is covered. No more painful inventing of new classroom activities. Just search for the standard you need, grab one of the lesson plans that fits best to your ideas and use it in your lesson! All of them contain 3D models, which you can work with directly in the document – zoom them in and out or spin them. And even when you want to use Lifeliqe in your lesson just as a 3D extension, we have good news for you. The lesson plans there are correlated with the most commonly used science textbooks in the United States – just find a corresponding model or a lesson plan and increase the students’ engagement in your lessons with our visual content! Watch our science 3D curricula tutorial here.

2. How to use Google integrations?

Using the Lifeliqe online app, you can fully take use of the integration with Google tools. It begins with the possibility of logging in the app with your google account. Once logged, you or your students can create their own content with the Share feature, taking screenshots of the models or Augmented Reality photos. Then it’s very easy to share them to G Suite for Education: Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Slides and Google Forms. Just make click on the correspondent button. Wanna see more in detail how to do it? Watch the tutorial here.

3. How to use integrations to PowerPoint?

Google integrations are not the only ones which Lifeliqe has prepared for you. When teachers speak about any topic in the classroom, they often use presentations. In Lifeliqe we have taken in mind this fact and added another important integration to the app. With the PowerPoint (or Keynote for Apple products) Share tool, you can export by two clicks any model you will into the respective presentation app. You can also use transparent screenshots that fit in with any layout or design, so that the visual side of your presentation won’t suffer! Watch here to see how does it work!

4. How to record an explanation with Lifeliqe?

Using the Lifeliqe directly in your classroom is the best way how you can make interact your students with topic you teach. At the same time you can let them play and discover the secrets of our 3D models. However, sometimes not everybody is present in the classroom or you may need to give some instructions of how to make a homework or a project. Fortunately, with Lifeliqe you can record a video with your speech and models you want to show. Giving such a instruction will then motivate the students to continue learning and try on their own what they can see and do in the app! Click here to see Xacobo de Toro, a biology teacher from La Coruña, Galicia, Spain, using Lifeliqe to record an explanation video for his students.

5. How to create an account and log-in to Lifeliqe?

If you have read until here and still don’t know exactly what we are speaking about, you probably don’t have a Lifeliqe account. You might know Lifeliqe has a web app now. Here’s how you can create your own user account and sign in the app easily. Just go to our web page, make click in the upper right corner to sign in in the web app and then choose the “Don’t have an account yet” option. Then fill in the necessary information and make ready to browse our app! A video instruction with detailed explanation you can find here.

If you don’t see a possibility to login with Google or Office365 in the video, don’t worry. These features are available too! Important: When Lifeliqe gets acquired by your school, you might not need to create account by yourself. The license and login gets created automatically. Ask for more info about school or district license at

Ready to use Lifeliqe? In case you have any additional questions or doubts about how to use Lifeliqe, leave a comment below or contact us, we will be happy to answer you!

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