Our webinar on using Lifeliqe with Microsoft tools is coming. We hope you marked in your calendars: November 15th! To spark your imagination on how you can use these two tools, we’ve compiled even more classroom stories from our blog. Read below about our favourite teachers combining Lifeliqe and Microsoft Office learning tools, such as PowerPoint, Office Mix, Sway, OneNote, etc. Join the webinar to learn about some more!

How to Use Lifeliqe with Microsoft Tools: November 15th, 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Classroom stories of our educators

Integrating AR into the Office Mix in a 1:1 environment

Tammy Dunbar, Teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, Manteca District, California, US

Tammy is a real expert in using Lifeliqe products. Find out more about how she employs Lifeliqe app, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for Hololens in her lessons!

Engaging students in poetry, literacy & science with Lifeliqe AR & PowerPoint

Julie Hembree, Teacher at Cougar Ridge Elementary School, Bellevue, Washington, US

Science can be taught with Lifeliqe even through poetry! Have a look on how powerful can be the combination of Lifeliqe’s Augmented Reality, Microsoft PowerPoint and little bit of poetry in the lessons!

Global learning projects

Koen Timmers, Author, speaker, lecturer and project coordinator, Belgium

As a specialist on 21st century learning skills, Koen knows that they require 21st century educational technology. Lifeliqe enhances his environmental projects in a fruitful combination with Office 365 a Skype.

Lifeliqe on Hololens with Sway and One Note

Michelle Zimmerman, Teacher at Renton Prep, Renton, Washington, US

Michelle as a true innovative teacher was the first who used Lifeliqe Hololens pilot, in which altogether with Mixed Reality Sway and or One Note was used!

Integrating Lifeliqe with OneNote & Office 365 in 1:1 environment

Olivier Dijkmans, Teacher at Omnimundo School, Antwerp, Belgium

Our pioneer in integration of Lifeliqe with OneNote & Office 365 in 1:1 environment, Olivier employs all these technology tools to teach the refugee children in Antwerp, Belgium.

Using Lifeliqe AR & MR enables students to create their own content

Ben Kelly, STEM Teacher at Caledonia Regional High School, Hillsborough, Canada

Thanks to the Augmented and Mixed Reality, Ben’s students create their own educational content with help of the Lifeliqe app.

As an extra, here’s a sneak peek how to use Lifeliqe’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Watch this video with our Community Shaman Martin and wait until the end:

Below, find some more examples of how you could use Sway or PowerPoint with Corinth, the app of Lifeliqe’s sister company and Lifeliqe’s predecessor.

Integration with PowerPoint in Sweden

Jerker Porat, Former teacher in Karlsängskolan, Nora kommun, Sweden

Our pioneer in Finland

Janne Mannikko, Teacher at Metsokangas Comprehensive School, Oulu, Finland

Corinth in Israel

Karina Batat, Teacher at Gordon Primary School, Petah Tikva, Israel.

Would you like to share your own resources and user tips on how to use any of the Lifeliqe products, too? Let us know and we’ll be happy to share them with our community!

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