Recently, we have presented you the new Lifeliqe partnership with i3-Technologies. Now, to reveal more about this integraration and the practical use of both educational apps together in the classroom, i3-Technologies organizes a webinar. And a speaker from Lifeliqe will be there as an invited guest. When you can expect it? It will take place on Wednesday, November 28th. You can already register with the following link!

About i3-Technologies

As we have described in an article from this September, presenting the partnership, i3-Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive technologies for group collaboration. Just the name of the company reveals a lot. Interactivity, inspiration and integration are the three principles which characterize the main goal of the company. And since September, its educational platform called i3LEARNHUB is integrated with Lifeliqe. Watch the official teaser presenting the integration!

Webinar program

In the upcoming webinar, all the invited speakers will discover more about this integration. First, Anneke Verbeeck, education consultant from i3-Technologies, will introduce the partnership and tell you how this integration will enhance i3LEARNHUB platfrom.

The second speaker will be our Community Shaman Martin Bukacek. He will reveal more about the practical use of Lifeliqe with i3LEARNHUB in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to learn how to search for the 3D content to make the class more engaging, how to leverage Lifeliqe’s 3D library to spark the memorable AHA moments in the classroom or how students can create their own content with 3D and cultivate their learning passion.

And finally, our featured educator, Olivier Dijkmans, will share his experience with the practical use of both programs in the lessons! As a teacher at Omnimundo school in Antverp, Belgium, Olivier has already proved how powerful can be the combination of both learning tools. And as he was one of the initiators of the integration, he will have a lot interesting things to say.

To see more details about the program, click here. Also don’t forget to register to the webinar by this form. So note down the 28th of November to your calendar and stay tuned, more info coming soon!

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