This fall there have been a lot of events involving Lifeliqe. However we wanted to prepare one especially for our community so we are organizing a webinar entitled Empowering your classroom with Lifeliqe and Microsoft tools. Feel free to join us by filling out the registration form.

When it will take place? November 15th, 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

Who will speak? Martin Bukacek, our community shaman,  and two MIEE teachers, Tammy Dunbar and Joe Archer. Tammy (@TammyDunbar) is a 5th-grade teacher from Lincoln Elementary in Manteca, California and Joe (@ArcherJoe) is a 5/6th grade teacher from Ontario, Canada.

Webinar agenda:

  1. Martin Bukacek: Introduction to Lifeliqe’s latest updates

    Community Shaman will guide you through some of the coolest updates we have announced in Lifeliqe. Teaser: You won’t recognize the difference between the web app and its Windows 10 version. More to come!

  2. Martin Bukacek: Lifeliqe and Microsoft teams integration

    Using Teams for your classroom flow? See how you can browse Lifeliqe’s extensive 3D libraries in Teams, and use it for assignments, assessment or simply delivering your instruction!

  3. Tammy Dunbar: How to use Lifeliqe with PowerPoint Recorder

    Teachers have been always asking for a feature allowing teachers and students to record a video of their interaction with Lifeliqe’s 3D models outside the Augmented Reality mode. Watch how Tammy Dunbar engages her Room9 Kids with Lifeliqe and PowerPoint recorder!

  4. Joe Archer: How to use Lifeliqe with OneNote

    How to leverage Lifeliqe’s visual imagery in your OneNote classroom resources and share them with students? Joe’s always thrilled to share his user tips about OneNote.

  5. QA

    You speak, we listen! Happy to respond any questions. Feel free to share your own resources and user tips with the community!



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