As soon as this Monday, 22th of October, you will have the opportunity to see and hear the most about the use of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality in education. In Boston, Massachusetts, takes place one of the best conferences dedicated to this topic we have ever attended. It’s organized by EdTech Times, which belongs to the world’s leaders in consulting in the area at the intersection of education, technology, innovation and work. Lifeliqe can’t be missing, and you can watch the live stream of the session!

Mark Andersen, co-founder and president of our company, will take part in the block called Building Game-Changing Partnerships to Push the Limits of xR in EDU. This block will be dedicated to partnerships in educational sphere, related to the xR (general abbreviation used for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality). Apart of Mark, you will hear in this part of program speakers of our strategic partners: Dan Ayoub for Microsoft and Chris Chin for HTC Vive. Together with representatives of Google, Labster, Mursion and Schell Games, they will share a story of their partnerships and their consequent impact on the xR technologies in education. So check the program, register and be ready on 22th of October at 1:10 pm EST!

During this event will be also published running results of the xR in education survey, launched by EdTech Times and SRI last month, in which many of you and other inspirational educators participated. We, as well as you, are very curious about the outcome of the survey, that will bring to all users of xR in education new tips, examples and plenty of inspiration for the future lessons. But if you are wondering already right now, how you can use xR in your classroom, have an eye on our articles about integration of our Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality in the science lessons!

Visit also our product page to check our Mixed Reality extension for Hololens and Virtual Reality extension for HTC Vive, which can convert your lesson in the same adventure as described in the articles on our blog with stories of teachers from all over the world. You can also leave a comment below the articles, write us any question about our products, or even let us know your experience or doubts; we will be always glad to answer you.

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