In case you haven’t heard about it, the LAUNCH Festival is probably the biggest place to launch a company or product in Silicon Valley. This year it welcomes more than 12,000 attendees – entrepreneurs, investors or just folks who are interested in the ecosystem and maybe strive for launching something big themselves in the future. And Lifeliqe wants to share just another great piece of news with all of these people!

For us at Lifeliqe, a huge portion of 2016 was dedicated to virtual reality and all that comes with it. After taking first careful steps, we discovered the potential and are expanding upon that. Having shown what we’re capable of, we managed to forge cooperation with HTC Vive, becoming their Strategic Partner for Education.


September brought the best news – we launched our Lifeliqe VR Museum. We’re extremely happy we got the chance to bring the device along with our content into the classroom. And not just one, we’re in classrooms weekly and students are giving us great feedback (as can be seen here in an article published on Huffington Post). We can’t count the Wow!s and Cool!s coming from students and we can’t be more grateful for the inspirational teachers that let us do it.

At LAUNCH Festival 2017 we want to announce the next great step. It is a tremendous opportunity to present publicly for the first time Lifeliqe’s pilot educational content for Microsoft HoloLens. Our high hopes for it are only raised by the great reactions that our initial testing with teachers brought us. We want you to see it as well, so if you’re planning on attending LAUNCH Festival the beginning of April, be sure not to miss us!

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