With the beginning of the new school year, there comes a great day for all teachers, students and fans of educational technology in general. Lifeliqe is teaming up with i3-Technologies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive technologies for group collaboration. When? As soon as on the 1st of september.

Since this date, the 3D Lifeliqe content will be integrated in i3LEARNHUB, the cloud-based platform of i3-Technologies company. The purpose of arrangement of this integration is clear: to make the learning even more engaging, even more effective, and to give the teachers and students a learning tool that enables them to get the best possible result of their effort.

“The mission of Lifeliqe is to make science more interesting and encourage students to be lifelong learners. Our visual 3D content is able to increase their understanding of science and improve their learning outcomes. Teaming up with i3-Technologies will allow us to maximize student engagement and help them learn difficult science concepts easier and faster,” said Martin Bukacek, the School Engagement Director of Lifeliqe.

Can’t imagine what can be a lesson with fusion of Lifeliqe and i3learnhub like? Watch the official teaser for the collaboration, with Olivier Dijkmans from Omnimundo School, Antverp, Belgium, and his students staring.

Despite the fact that the integration is a result of a long-term demand from part of teachers that were using both learning tools in their lessons, and their positive feedback on their combination, Olivier was the crucial person who helped to initiate the cooperation between both companies. “i3LEARNHUB and Lifeliqe are two powerful learning platforms,” says Olivier. “Together they enable me to teach in an innovative way. I can use the 3D models to write on, manipulate and share with my students. This way I can give them a new way to look at the world around them”.

On the practical level, all works on a simple principle. The Lifeliqe 3D model libraries will be accessible directly in the i3LEARNHUB app. There you can search for the models you need and use iframes to insert them there in canvas.

Then you will be able to work with the models in the same way as in the Lifeliqe app – to rotate them, zoom in and out and select different parts. At the same time, you can use also drawing or another i3LEARNHUB tools.

A slight change related to the integration will be noticed also in the Lifeliqe online app. From now, the Share feature will enable export screenshots of models directly to the i3LEARNHUB canvas, where you can continue working with the model. Kind of simple, right?

The integration will be released on the 1st of september. From this date, all i3LEARNHUB premium account subscribers will have access to the Lifeliqe app. And from now on, users can log in the Lifeliqe web app with their existing i3LEARNHUB account, too. So don’t miss the upcoming release. To enjoy the experience as soon as possible. To submerge in the visual world. To boost your knowledge. To learn!

Find out more about i3LEARNHUB and i3technologies at their web pages, and get more information about other Lifeliqe partnerships at the Partners section at our blog.

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