At the end of June, the education world revolved around a single event – ISTE 2017. There were tons of exciting announcements, talks, demo’s and meetings, you could almost hear the buzz coming out to the streets from the convention centre in San Antonio. And as always when innovative edtech is in place, Lifeliqe couldn’t miss it. We sent out our three “cowboys” – Matous Tlapak, Mark Andersen and Martin Bukacek – and they just couldn’t believe the excitement Lifeliqe created. If you followed our social media, you probably got the idea.

We saved a great announcement for ISTE 2017 – we launched our mixed reality app Lifeliqe HoloLens, that we built based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we collected during our classroom pilots in April. We spent a great deal of time showing it to all the people interested at ISTE and the feedback went totally beyond our expectations.  But you know what? Instead of telling you how well it turned out, let’s hear it from the people whose opinion matters the most – the teachers (and other folks from the industry).

Jaime Donally, who’s just rocking the world of learning with AR and VR and also a host of regular Tweet meets and podcasts about #ARVRinEdu got to try Lifeliqe HoloLens as well. She also summed up her experience in a blogpost. Lifeliqe included!

We also got Monica Burns, the founder of ClassTechTips and one of the Top 50 influencers in AR/VR in education to try Lifeliqe HoloLens and se also wrote a great review!

Micah Shippee, teacher and innovator, also wrote a blogpost summing up his experience with Lifeliqe, saying he really wasn’t ready for what he experienced with Lifeliqe. Find the whole piece here. Thanks Micah!

These are coming from Nick Clayton, teacher and VR / AR enthusiast, who’s tried Lifeliqe HoloLens and preffered it to other HoloLens content presented, for example to what HoloLens team brought together with Pearson.


Here’s Stony Evans, teacher, librarian and a big VR advocate. Check out also his blogpost about best toolshe saw at ISTE 2017! Thanks for mentioning Lifeliqe!

And we had a lot more, here are just a few more examples.

Here’s also VP of Microsoft for Education Anthony Salcito interviewing the always cheerful Karey Killian about Lifeliqe app.

If you don’t have the time to go through all the videos and streams, just watch this short montage of teachers experiencing Lifeliqe HoloLens!

And because we just didn’t have enough time to talk to all of our beloved teachers using Lifeliqe, we set up a small informal meetup – CommuniTea. There, we had time to chat over a nice cup of tea or home-made goulash. And if all the guys who came over didn’t have to be at ISTE in the morning again, it would probably go until early morning. Thanks everyone involved!


Lifeliqe was also to be seen at booths of our partners Microsoft, Dell, Screenbeam and ViewSonicCheck out the gallery!

Well, you can see that ISTE 2017 has been a couple of awesome days and we were just delighted we could meet all of you guys in person. We are also so grateful for all the valuable feedback we received and be sure we will use it to make our learning tools as good as possible. Saying this, we look forward to all the future events we’ll take part in and also to meeting everyone interested in Lifeliqe!

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