Have you been explaining to your students recently what an epidemic is, how it appears, evolves and what precautions to take? Lifeliqe can give you a hand. You can find several learning materials in our app that will help you with the explanation of this topic at current times, when it’s more than actual. As a part of our special remote learning offer, you can access these materials for free till the end of the year. 

Virus, enemy of all alive

This is not just a warning, but also a name of one of our first lesson plans ever. If you want to discover with your students what a virus is, how it survives, spreads and what are the differences between virotic and bacterial diseases, you will find your answers there! Check out this lesson plan and share it with your students! .To view the lesson plan, you need to sign up for free first. 

Diseases and immunity in our curricula

Maybe you have noticed that in Lifeliqe you can find complete curricula for teaching and learning science subjects, like Biology, Chemistry or Physics. As a part of them, we have prepared lessons about diseases and the human immunity system. Let’s present some of them!

In the middle school Life Science curriculum, have a look at the lesson plans about:

For High school, we also have a special lesson plans dedicated to topics as:

But that’s not all. After having released our Covid-19 3D model, we are also preparing learning materials about this new type of virus. They will be soon here, stay tuned!

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