Chromebooks and Google classroom tools are getting more and more popular literally every day. We always wanted to help teachers to make learning awesome for the students but at the same time, we wanted to allow them to keep their routine and use their favorite resources. Now, with Lifeliqe Google Integration teachers can enhance their lessons with our NGSS-aligned curricula easier than ever before! So without further ado, let us share what’s new and what benefits will it bring to you and to your science lessons
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Single sign-in

It has never been easier to sign into Lifeliqe. You don’t have to think about new username, you don’t have to remember another password. Just use your Google account to register and sign in to Lifeliqe.


Finally, this feature is available also in the web app. Take screenshots of the 3D models from any angle and detail, and let students create their own content!

Google Classroom integration  

Share Lifeliqe 3D models with your whole classroom and use them in assignments or quizzes through Google Classroom. Or use an URL link, every model has one!

G-Suite integration

Easily save screenshots of 3D models to a Google Drive folder and use them in your preps made with Docs, and Slides. Or include them in quizzes and other kinds of assessment with Google Forms!

G-Suite integration – Augmented Reality

Save your photos taken with Augmented Reality directly into your Google Drive folder and engage your class, or let students create their own content with AR!
(This feature is available only in Chrome browsers.)

Watch Martin’s tutorial to learn more how you can use the new Lifeliqe Google integration features!

We just can’t wait to hear your feedback once you try it! Let us know on our social media or share your experience in our Lifeliqe in the classroom facebook group.

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