Libraries. Historically known as a wonderful places full of books, where people come to widen their knowledge or find a novel. But for those who haven’t been to a library for some time, they’re likely to be surprised by how quickly libraries are changing. The libraries we knew twenty or even ten years ago have been transforming rapidly. Many of them are not a place to check out a book any more. Patrons come now to libraries to study with various types of content and media, with use of different technology, to do research, to learn digital citizenship, to study, and, really importantly, to spark passion and get help with their career. We are happy that Lifeliqe can be part of this change.

Nevada State Library project

Lifeliqe is now being used in libraries across the U.S., including the new “XR in Libraries” project by Nevada State Library Association. To support this opportunity, we just launched a new web page for libraries last month.

In the Nevada State Library project currently 14 libraries are participating. They can experience Lifeliqe’s content in Virtual Reality (Lifeliqe VR Museum), as well as our standard app, available for all devices. Tammy Westergard, MLS Deputy State Librarian and Assistant Administrator in the Nevada State Library, had this to say about the deployment of Lifeliqe into Nevada libraries:

“Lifeliqe offers authoritative STEAM content. In other words, the quality of the Lifeliqe content makes it not only effective, but also a trusted resource – that means everything to a librarian. Plus, ongoing support from the Lifeliqe team is invaluable. They are exceptionally accessible!”

And what does the implementation of Lifeliqe look like in libraries? You can see that here in the following video, which captures the opening of XR in the Carson City Library, Nevada.

We also asked Tammy about her impressions about the project and the role of librarians today:

“We live in the digital age. And because information is so readily available, it has actually advanced the role of libraries to sort of the tip of the spear. We’re kind of… like miners and we help people find authority of information. We help them find the information that they need in order to make good decisions.”

Watch the full interview with Tammy, available on the following link.

Lifeliqe between bookshelves

Nevada libraries are not the only ones adopting Lifeliqe. Apart from the Nevada State Library project, our products are already present in many school libraries across the U.S. Lifeliqe’s VR Museum is also being introduced via a pilot version of the Lifeliqe VR Museum in California. Perhaps your library could be next?

Read also our article about Julie Hembree, teacher and school librarian from Washington. Julie started to work with Lifeliqe a long time ago. All this thanks to her passion for introducing new books and technology to her students.

To get to know more about all our programs, please visit our product page. Check out especially the Virtual Reality app, now widely implemented in libraries. Likewise, please check with your local library to see if they have Lifeliqe learning products for you to experience!

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