Are you using Edmodo, Teachers Pay Teachers or Promethean’s Classflow? We’ve got some good news for you. Since the end of the last year, you can find our sample lesson plans on some of the most important educational resources platforms! Some of them, like Gooru, ClassFlow or Drawp, even support 3D directly on their pages. This means that you can find our lesson plans there without getting redirected to the Lifeliqe’s site! These lesson plans are accessible for free, along with all the interactive 3D models used. They’re also available to be downloaded by all registered users, including a wide range of teachers and other educators. Here we present some of the cooperating platforms:

Edmodo Spotlight

Proudly announcing themselves as “the world’s largest learning network for K-12 students, teachers and parents,” Edmodo have included Lifeliqe’s lesson plans since last year. Now you can find our lesson plans, along with 700 million other resources!

Teachers Pay Teachers

But sometimes they even don’t have to pay… as we added our lesson plans there for free! This site was designed to exchange educational materials between teachers. The platform gives its users the possibility to monetize their materials, because a well-prepared lesson requires a lot of work and therefore it deserves a good reward!


A huge reserve of educational resources from different fields of knowledge, even exceeding the classical curriculum. A wide range of materials in various languages combined with users from all over the world makes this site very cosmopolitan.

Share My Lesson

Funded by the American Federation of Teachers, this site unifies 1.4 million members to share their lesson plans and related materials.


TES is a British-based company, which seems to cover almost everything you need to know if you work in the educational sphere – from job offers to lesson materials and the latest news in education.


If you want to make your lesson simply better, get inspired here. Since 2008, this site strives to unite teachers all around the world and to not let their best teaching resources be forgotten.


Self proclaimed as the “GPS for Learning,” this site’s goal is to navigate students to reach the necessary knowledge. All of that through the use of resources made by innovative and expert educators.


A rising platform for creation, collaboration, content and workflow for both students and teachers. Of course, with shared lesson materials.

If you or your friends and colleagues use some of these platforms, check our lesson plans there and let us know your opinion of them. We will be pleased to read your comments! And if you think that our lesson plans should appear on any other interesting sites to be shared with the world, don’t hesitate to write us your recommendations. We hope we will announce other platforms with our content soon!

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