We are happy to announce that our lesson plans are aligned to every single standard of NGSS. And it was not an easy job! During years we were preparing learning resources with our visual content, so that now you have at your disposal more than 1,000 complete lesson plans with Lifeliqe 3D models. All of this thanks to our product team, our specialist for education Michael Carter and above all to the teachers of our Lifeliqe community, who participated in their creation!

The lesson plans cover all the topics of NGSS: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science and Engineering & Technology. And also all levels of education: from Elementary to High school. So you can choose whether you use lesson plans from our six complete curricula (Life Science, Physical Science and Earth & Space Science for Middle School or Biology, Physics and Chemistry for High School), student lesson plans aligned to the curricula for High School or single lesson plans created by Lifeliqe or our featured educators. Moreover, since the last year you can find in Lifeliqe also Professional Development courses, which can help you with effective use of the app in your lessons.

And did you know that you can easily make also your own lesson plans with 3D? Try it out in the Creator integrated in the standard Lifeliqe app for Windows. And if you wanna to share them with other teachers using our app, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to include them to our lesson plans library!

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