Sometimes Christmas just come early. It certainly did for students at Lincoln Elementary School in Manteca, CA, because we decided to give them just a little help with learning. In fact, we donated a year-long school license for our award-winning science curriculum enhanced with interactive 3D models as a way to help with innovating science teaching and incorporating NGSS. The ceremonial handover took place at Lincoln Elementary on 8th September from 11:20 AM.

“Lifeliqe immerses students in a multi-layered environment where they can explore, research and imagine,” said Tammy Dunbar, a 5th grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School and one of the most vocal supporters of innovation among teachers in the United States. She has led a number of international educational projects, and her Room 9 Kids at Lincoln were one of the first classrooms to pilot the Lifeliqe curriculum. “And with the addition of incredible NGSS-aligned lessons, Lifeliqe becomes a great gift to both our students and our teachers.”

“We are extremely honored Lifeliqe chose Lincoln Elementary to receive school-wide licenses for their innovative product,” said Steve Anderson, principal at Lincoln Elementary School. “Our students will have access to an incredible science curriculum.”

„The enthusiasm and energy that teachers and personnel at Lincoln Elementary give to students is so inspiring. We are extremely proud that we can support their efforts and give the students something like an early Christmas gift,“ said Ondrej Homola, CEO of Lifeliqe. Part of the donation is funded by a $2000 prize Lifeliqe won in the InTeaHouse pitch contest earlier in fall.

The school will be provided with Lifeliqe app with its full content of over 1,100 interactive 3D models and over 700 lesson plans aligned to NGSS to work with. The app has been awarded the „2017 Best app for teaching and learning“ by the American Association of School Librarians.

We sincerely believe that the kids from Lincoln Elementary will find a great use for the app and that it will help to spark their passion for learning science. Have fun learning!

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