About one year ago we informed you about our new partnership with Clever, the world’s most used single sign-on K-12 educational platform. Since then, our users were able to sign in the Lifeliqe app with help of Clever credentials. Now we have extended the cooperation: Lifeliqe forms part of Clever Library of educational apps. 

How does it work? Clever gathers the most popular apps for learning on one site. That makes possible for the teachers to stay on one single place while using different apps. As a SSO (single sign-on) learning platform, it allows its users to sign in to all the partnered educational apps with just one account. No lost passwords, single credentials for everything. So, if you have your Clever account, you can freely add Lifeliqe to the school’s portfolio and start using it in the classroom!

You can find our app also in the New and noteworthy carousel on the home page of Clever Library, or through a link on their Twitter

Have a lot of fun using Lifeliqe with Clever! 

See also the embedded video which shows how to use Clever library and work with the apps added there.

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