We constantly work on integrating our 3D models in the Office 365 ecosystem. Now we released a bunch of new add-ins for Office that make it easier to include 3D content in OneNote, PowerPoint, or Word with one click. Read on how to create your own interactive content such as presentations, assignments, student posters, reports, or full classes.

The main benefits of synchronization with Office

1. Synchronizing screenshots with your Office documents makes it easy to use the visual materials of the Lifeliqe app in your presentations, worksheets, and other documents.

With this feature, you can easily insert screenshots created while working with our 3D models into your teaching preparations. It is up to you whether you want to use the preparations you have been using for years or create brand new documents.

2. By syncing your documents with the 3D models in the app, your teaching materials become not only visually attractive but also interactive. Each screenshot includes a link allowing you to open the 3D model directly in the app.

3. Not only teachers will benefit from the synchronization with Office. Your students will find it a valuable aid when working on reports, presentations, or homework.

How to sync Lifeliqe with Office

To sync Lifeliqe with Office, you need to activate Lifeliqe Screenshots add-in for Office. It’s super quick. Read our manual.

How to use Lifeliqe sync with Office

Read our user guide or watch video.

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