We hope you had a great time joining the Nearpod chat with Lifeliqe, Brandon Hazzard and Coral Zayas. We have interviewed one of the hosts beforehand, so that you can more about Coral and her teaching journey with Lifeliqe.

Coral has been a teacher for six years. Currently she is teaching 6th grade science and social studies at Mary Harris Intermediate in Crowley ISD in Fort Worth, Texas. She also teaches in the dual language, bilingual and ESL program on her campus and has an experience with teaching at high school and college level. Nearpod PioNear and a MIE are only a few of the titles she has earned during her career. We asked Coral a few questions for you to find out more about her relationship with Lifeliqe and Nearpod.

When did you first hear about and started using Lifeliqe?

I learned about Lifeliqe last year and began really using it this year in science class.

What do you see as the biggest benefit of using Lifeliqe on Nearpod?

I love using Lifeliqe on Nearpod because it allows me to not only do the lessons with my class in live session format but also allows me to set it student paced so they can use it for review at home

How did you incorporate Lifeliqe into your lessons?

I incorporate it in a variety of ways, to introduce or review concepts or to allow my students to review from home. My goal is to also use in the future to flip my classroom and allow students to explore the lessons at home before we address them together. That way they can build some background knowledge. This will be especially helpful since I teach primarily ESL learners who struggle to have a lot of background knowledge but also do not have the academic vocabulary in English yet. This early exposure helps them be prepared when we see new topics in class.

What impact did Lifeliqe had on your students? Do they like it?

My students love it, the 3D models are incredibly beneficial for the type of learners I have. Although we’re really just started integrating it a little bit as the school year is just really getting started I know it has been a great benefit and we look forward to incorporating it throughout the rest of the school year.

Will you continue using Lifeliqe? Do you have any interesting projects planned in the future?

Absolutely! I’m always trying to create interesting projects, I love doing projects in class. Since I also try to blend the subjects I teach I’m most looking forward to continuing to connect with scientist through the Skype a Scientist program and app smash with Flipgrid to continue to develop student videos and provides students with a way to share their voices and develop their English oral proficiency skills at the same time!

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