If you love cooking – or at least eating – you’ve probably tried a plenty of different spices to season your meals. In Lifeliqe, we have also picked some of them to add a couple of new flavours to our content. In the new release of our web app, you will find a bunch of new amazing deep zooms of some of the most commonly used spices! Just enjoy them in our Plant Biology library!

Spicy microworld

As for flavors, spices are so diverse! However, the diversity seems to be even bigger when looking at their microstructure. We will give you a small degustation of what you will find in our latest update:

Whether you’re a lover of juicy tender steaks or you rather prefer tasty vegetables, you will surely appreciate the zoom of the pepper seeds, which give a delicious flavor to all barbeques!

Pepper seeds zoom

Not just for the lovers of indian food we have prepared zooms of the cardamom seeds. Did you know that this spice has a plenty of health benefits?

Cardamom seeds zoom

Mustard can’t be missing in many of the daily-consumed dishes. But how and from what is it being prepared? Look forward to see also the mustard seeds zoom!

Mustard seeds zoom

Classroom tip: if you want to have some fun with your students, let them guess spices. Just show them the detail after zooming in and listen to their ideas!

Deep zoom technology

Discovering the microscopic structures of matter clearly requires professional technology. To obtain the best detailed images on a tiny scale, our graphic team is working with the most modern electronic microscopes. A skillful fusion of the captured micro-photos then allows the users to see the object in different scales. Just scroll your mouse or use the slider on the right of the screen to draw closer to the tiniest particles of matter!

Which of the zooms do you like the best? Or is there any material you would be interested to zoom in?

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