When it comes to children during armed conflict, it doesn’t matter who started it, who’s the good guy or the villain. The kids are always the victims, because someone it taking the most precious time from them. The time when they should be learning the very basics, having fun without any fear. Sometimes the families have no other option than to flee their home country and seek refuge somewhere else. That’s what brings us to Belgium, where we meet Olivier Dijkmans – a teacher at Omnimundo school, where refugee kids are welcome.

As Olivier mentions in Microsoft Education video later in the article, it can be challenging to teach children who come from war-torn countries. And we are proud that Lifeliqe helps him to overcome these challenges.


I use Lifeliqe on a daily basis in my lessons. The enormous model library makes it easy to find a model suitable to use in the lessons. I really like to explore the models together with the students on the interactive board,” describes Olivier his experience with Lifeliqe. He uses it with Microsoft Surface tablets in 1:1 setup and really made it into an everyday tool to personalise the learning experience. Olivier also used Lifeliqe when he and his class took part in a Global Water Project.

The students are very familiar with the program itself, so they grab every moment they can to ignite even more lightbulbs by themselves. They look for models that interest them and explore and discuss them in smaller groups. Often they build presentations around the models, by making screenshots with the “share” button of different stages of the model. We also like to take Lifeliqe with us into the “real” world. Nothing more fun then putting a AR starfish onto a real beach!” shares Olivier how the children in his classes are actually using Lifeliqe. They also use other apps from the Microsoft suite such as Office 365, One Note or Sway. Learn more in Olivier’s blogpost!

Some kids are just not lucky enough to have the same peaceful childhood like the rest. We at Lifeliqe are just thrilled that we can contribute to making their first-time learning much more enjoyable.

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