Lifeliqe today announced that Ondrej Homola, the company’s Co-founder and CEO, has decided to leave for health reasons. Matous Tlapak, Chief Operating Officer, and Mark Andersen, Co-founder and President, have taken over Ondrej’s responsibilities. After some health challenges, Ondrej is, fortunately, on a positive path to return to full health. 

Ondrej served in his role since co-founding Lifeliqe in November 2015. Prior to that, he served as Co-founder and CEO of Corinth, which has been recognized twice as one of the top Microsoft’s partners in the Partner of the Year Awards. 

Under Ondrej’s leadership, Lifeliqe has become the leading education platform for learning visually in 3D, AR, VR and MR. He also formed partnerships with Microsoft and HTC Vive.

“I consider Lifeliqe to be the most successful project of my career. Since co-founding it back in 2015 our team has done many wonderful things to build this one of a kind company. Unfortunately, this extreme workload and pace has taken some toll on my health and I am no longer capable to perform all my duties as a CEO. I’m convinced the company will flourish under the new leadership and I wish it all the best”, says Ondrej about his departure from the company he co-founded.

Mr. Tlapak and Mr. Andersen expressed their gratitude to Ondrej for all that he has done for Lifeliqe. “Ondrej’s determined leadership allowed him to found our successful company. Of course all of us are sorry to see Ondrej leave, but his health must be his number one priority, so we fully understand and respect Ondrej’s decision,” said Mark Andersen.

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