Lifeliqe is an app for online science learning with “lifelike” content such as 3D, AR, and VR. We’re providing free access to all teachers and students for remote learning. It’s our responsibility to help the education community in these hard times. 

Find all important resources below. 

Try the interactive 3D model below.
Scroll down to find how to access 1,500 more models for science!

How to access Lifeliqe

1.Just go to
2. Sign in to your account or create a new one
3. Open My Account (right upper corner)
4. Enter your access code: nrpd2020

How to use Lifeliqe for remote learning

Get practical tips and hands-on examples for remote learning with 3D models.

Resources for remote learning

Additional Lifeliqe content for remote learning

Teach your students about Covid-19 with Lifeliqe lessons
Lifeliqe student courses 
Lifeliqe lesson plans for 5E

How to use Lifeliqe

Lifeliqe starter pack: How to use Lifeliqe

How to use student access code How to use Lifeliqe with Microsoft Teams

Share-to-Teams and Teams ad-din

How to use Lifeliqe with Google Edu

Use Lifeliqe in Google Classroom

Google Drive and AR

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