When the Covid-19 epidemic began to spread, we focused on developing the 3D model of the virus as soon as possible. Finally, it was released in Lifeliqe in the beginning of March. Now we bring you its further extension – ready-to-use lesson plans about coronavirus! All of them are available for downloading on this page. You can find here teacher instructions, as well as worksheets for students, perfectly suitable even for distance learning.

Create consciousness & fight the disinformation

In total, we have prepared a deck of four lesson plans about Covid-19. Each of them is focussing on a different aspect of the topic. They can be used either independently, or as one big complete lesson about the virus. Also, we didn’t limit our attention just on biological explanation or statistic data. One of the crucial points of the Covid-19 lesson plans is the orientation on usage of reliable and credible information sources, and on the other hand recognition of so-called hoaxes or fake-news. Same as in many other cases, consciousness creates awareness, while disinformation causes panic and fear.

Be aware during the pandemics

As was said, Lifeliqe lesson plans about Covid-19 focus on various problems related to the disease. Let’s present shortly what you can find in them!

What is SARS-CoV-2 lesson plan will give you a short introduction about what the viruses actually are, what is their origin and structure and which infectious diseases they can cause (and also which ones they can’t).

In Spread and replication of SARS-CoV-2, students will find out more about how coronavirus spread in the individual human body and consequently in the population as a whole.

The difference between COVID-19 and influenza will make clear what the symptoms of coronavirus and its effects on human body are, compared to the common flu.

Finally, Individual and state precautions against COVID-19 resume what we can do as individuals to prevent its spread, and the same on the level of countries.

Don’t hesitate to download coronavirus lesson plans. We will be happy to hear about your experience, if you decide to use them with your students. Meanwhile, stay safe & check also our lesson plans about infectious diseases published in the Lifeliqe app. If you teach via internet in the times of epidemy, don’t forget about our remote learning offer and get Lifeliqe for free!

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