Several months have passed again and here we are with few more updates in the Lifeliqe web app. Let’s take a look at 3 major news you’ll find in the app!

1. New publishers

Our models are exciting, but they wouldn’t be so if we didn’t create them along with the best professionals. Lifeliqe is actually working with the Nevada State Library and the Anthropology department of University of Nevada in Reno (UNR) on a cultural preservation project. One of its goals is creation of digital models of the ancient Paiute and Shoshone baskets. The models of handcraft of the old american indigenous people will be part of Lifeliqe from now! The models will be available in all the branches of Nevada State Library with devices with Lifeliqe app installed. We hope soon will be made many other models based on similar cooperations!

Shoshon baskets

2. New languages

We all know that learning new vocabulary is so easier when we learn visually. Whether you teach English learners who need support in their native language (e.g. Spanish), or you want your students expand their foreign language vocabulary. From now on, students can browse the app and learn in three more world languages: Chinese, Russian and Dutch!

New languages in Lifeliqe

3. New models

The number of 3D models and deep zooms constantly grows in the Lifeliqe app. And so yet another big pack of the new content was added. Hitting the number of 1,500 soon! Check out the new models in libraries for physics, plant biology and animal biology. As a little teaser, can you recognize what is on the picture? Let us know in the comments!

Guess what's that?

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