The 2018 is over. It was seriously lot happening. So let’s look back to see what it brought for Lifeliqe users. Here’s a short summary of the most important hits of the last year!

1. Lifeliqe 3D curricula expanding and improved

There was a whole bunch of updates in the Lifeliqe app we’ve released last year:

More quality and better-looking 3D models

You won’t find so much of awesome looking 3D content that you can use in your browser. Finally, our web app has received a significant improvement of graphic quality and details that can now be compared to Windows 10 or iPad app. Now can our online users enjoy the high-resolution models with no limitations, including all the awesome 3D models in motion.

Get more info about the update!

Professional Development for NGSS

You talked, we listened. The new standards for the science instruction – Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) – are finding their way to the US schools, adopted US-wide. However, we saw teachers were lacking the quality professional learning that would prepare them so they could start implementing them in practice. And so we published professional development materials that match Lifeliqe’s science curricula available. Our PD contains all the  methodology and theoretical background, and is based on the three dimensions of science learning according to the NGSS – science and engineering practices, cross-cutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas.

Read more about our PD for NGSS!

List of Books of Lifeliqe Professional Development

New student lessons

We have introduced whole three science high school courses for students. Students can get ready for their college or vocational school with the 3D models, with lessons matching NGSS-aligned curricula.

Read more about Lifeliqe’s offer for schools!

2. Lifeliqe on Nearpod

We all love Nearpod. And we love Nearpod even more with Lifeliqe! Nearpod is one of the most popular EdTech tools nowadays offering anything teachers need for their lessons, currently with 100 Lifeliqe lesson plans in total, as we added 50 more last year. All of them are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, of course. We’re proud to see they are among the most popular lessons for science on Nearpod!

Get more info about Lifeliqe lesson plans on Nearpod!

Lifeliqe on Nearpod graphics

3. i3LEARNHUB integration for collaboration and productivity

Since the beginning of the new school year, the Lifeliqe’s 3D content got integrated in i3LEARNHUB, the cloud-based collaboration learning platform of i3-Technologies. So, Lifeliqe 3D model libraries are accessible directly in the i3LEARNHUB app, and can sign-in Lifeliqe with the use of i3LEARNHUB login credentials. Now teachers can create new engaging and interactive lessons with 3D.

Have an eye on the announcement of the collaboration!

4. Webinars and Twitter chats

We kicked off a series of webinars and Twitter chats, because we want to share even more tips, tricks and inspiring classroom stories that will support you in your classroom transformation to 3D. Engage the other community members and share your experience, too! You can register to stay tuned to what comes next, as well as to get a record of what you missed!

See more about our webinar and Twitter chats!

5. Lifeliqe in US libraries

Lifeliqe is frequently used by teachers and students in schools. However, schools are not the only educational institutions existing. Already few years ago, we started our presence in libraries. After introducing of a pilot version of our products in californian state libraries, last year we expanded our presence also to Nevada. We were happy to start our cooperation with Nevada State Library, whose patrons now can use our VR app in the public libraries across the state.

Read more about this project and about Lifeliqe offer for libraries!

And how was your last year? Share your teaching or learning successes and experiences in the comments. We’ll be happy to read them!

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