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Lately I get asked quite a lot how did we even come up with the idea of using 3D models to teach science in schools. I always answered that me and my good friend Daniel Sklar, who is a brilliant 3D artist wanted to take what’s making PC games and movies so good looking and attractive and use it for something more meaningful – to share knowledge, to educate, to spark creativity.


Lifeliqe CEO Ondrej Homola

3D models are proven to increase effectivity of learning. But I feel like there’s been one more reason why I wanted to create what later became Lifeliqe. A reason that stems from my deepest beliefs – a feeling of respect for the nature and its creations.

Although I spent most of my adult life in large, rushed and crowded cities, I always took the time to leave it and hide myself somewhere: seaside, mountains or a rainforest. These are exactly the places where I feel energized, but at the same time calm and focused. These are the places that make me realise what we have in nature is not for granted, it’s not without limits and most importantly, it has to be cared for.



I remember when I was a student in high school, I refused to dissect a dead animal body for our biology project. I just felt it’s not right. Sadly enough, there was no other visual way of learning of animal anatomy at that time.

It started there, I guess – that’s where the underlying reason why we created a digital, lifelike visual learning tool was born. When I was a student, it just wasn’t possible yet. Now with Lifeliqe, teachers and students can get the same understanding they would with physical experimentation but without exploiting the gifts of Mother Nature.

Just think about it. Why would you traumatise the kids with cutting into something that was alive just moments ago, when you can explain it with the same vividness and clarity on a lifelike 3D model? I mean, we don’t have to hurt other living creatures in order to learn about them, do we? It might be the case in the past but now, we just don’t have to.

We shouldn’t just take from the nature, we should give back as well. I guess this is us doing our part at Lifeliqe.

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