Just before Christmas last year we hosted our first-ever webinar presenting you with the best solutions for using Lifeliqe with Microsoft tools. We asked two of the most inspiring educators from our community, Tammy Dunbar and Joe Archer, to share with us the use cases from their classrooms. Together with Martin, our community Shaman, they prepared a lecture that you can register and watch as a recording!

PowerPoint recorder with Tammy Dunbar

Tammy has been using Lifeliqe in Microsoft environment for a few years now. In fact, last year we donated a year-long license to her school in Manteca, CA to help them incorporate technology in the classroom. One of the tools that Tammy is currently using is PowerPoint recorder. She can record explanations for her lessons and her students can just as easily create exciting projects using the augmented reality feature.

A snippet of Tammy’s lecture on PowerPoint

Joe Archer using OneNote

We have met Joe through the Climate Action project a while back and we have been friends ever since. Since Joe’s classroom is running online, he tries to include a diverse set of teaching tools in his classes, including Lifeliqe. With OneNote clipper he can easily create a lecture about his students’ favorite topic – the International Space Station.

Joe Archer using OneNote

Our Community Shaman introduces Teams integrations

In the last contribution to the webinar Martin introduced an easy way how to search for and share Lifeliqe 3D models and lesson plans through Microsoft Teams. You just need to have a Lifeliqe account and to download our extension from the Store.

Martin introducing Lifeliqe integration into Teams

Get a recording and join our next webinar online

So how to get a recording of the whole webinar? Simply fill out the registration form where you can ask for a recording and register for our next webinar at the same time. Next up is Google integrations!

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