Dialysis Patient Care Technician (PCT)

By simulating lifelike clinic situations, immersive VR training helps future dialysis technicians get demanded skills faster than ever before – and without putting any patient in danger.

First immersive VR training for dialysis training ever

Helps prepare for industry recognized-credentials to be obtained in weeks, not months

Based and aligned with the core curriculum for dialysis training

Made with training experts to help address areas where students struggle

Our clients

Dialysis Education Services

Lifeliqe’s VR simulation training is so close to reality that a student can get training that exceeds industry standards more efficiently and cost-effectively. This is a game-changer for the industry.

Michael Morales
CEO of Dialysis Education Services

Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records

It’s very exciting to see how Nevada’s libraries, at the local and state levels, and in universities, are partnering with schools and industry to invent the future of the state.

Dr. Milton Chen, senior fellow and executive director emeritus at The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF)

College of Southern Nevada

Lifeliqe is world-class and groundbreaking. As a nurse educator with 30 year-experience in healthcare education, I love it.

Jim Reimer, former director of the dialysis program at CSN

Nevada Governor's Office of Economical Development

With purposeful, defined VR tools and content training, programs are advancing to support and influence workforce recovery in STEM fields that lead to living-wage employment.

Tammy D. Westergard, Director of the Program SANDI at GEOD

3 steps of VR education

Career exploration

360° VR video explaining dialysis technician's responsibilities, work environment, education requirements etc.

Job shadowing

360° VR video explaining dialysis technician's responsibilities, work environment, education requirements etc.

Interactive training

Immersive VR training for a hemodialysis technician job (a total of 15 lessons in 6 modules)

Play with 3D model

Description and learning objectives

Module 1 - Introduction

  1. Introduction to dialysis

Module 4 - Cannulation

  1. Composition of a hemodialysis needle
  2. Cannulation steps
  3. Needle placement techniques

Module 2 - Extracorporeal circuit

  1. Arterial bloodline
  2. Dialyzer
  3. Venous bloodline
  4. Organ stunning

Module 5 - Hygiene and Infection spread

  1. Methods of infection transmission
  2. When to wash hands?

Module 3 - Types of dialysis access

  1. Arteriovenous Fistula
  2. Arteriovenous Graft
  3. Catheter
  4. Organ stunning

Module 6 - Water treatment system

  1. Pretreatment phase
  2. Treatment phase – Reverse osmosis

Content aligned to Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician (6th edition)

All-in-one platform with science-based, real-world content made by experts

Simulating a traditional dialysis clinic complements clinical hours and provides hands-on clinical experience without the fear of making a mistake. 

Learning key concepts and tools with interactive 3D increases retention. 3D models can be used on any device and are available in Augmented Reality, too.

Field trip videos in 360° help explore and experience what in-demand jobs look like, what tasks and skills are required, and help explore career opportunities.

Quizzes in virtual reality make assessment more engaging and immersive while providing feedback on the student’s progress.

Students build new knowledge and level up their experience task by task, supported by assessment and learning management.

The platform leverages the best of virtual as well as online interfaces, so the course keeps learners engaged and motivated.

Make upskilling more lifelike.

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