Community Colleges

Provide immersive virtual reality training to your students, prepare them for their healthcare and STEM-based careers better and increase your college’s value to applicants and community business partners.

To succeed in our accelerating world, your college should continue to innovate

Immersive simulations in virtual reality are next-level training in workforce development that Community Colleges are increasingly offering.

Our VR content will enable your Community College to:

  • improve learning outcomes and make learning more efficient
  • integrate lifelike working situations into your curriculum without leaving a classroom
  • provide high-quality remote learning
  • become a local center for cutting-edge certified training programs and a reliable supplier of high-skilled workers
  • help your students choose the right career path through career navigation content
  • offer your business partners certified programs for a fraction of the cost of in-workplace ones

Courses for in-demand jobs in healthcare, advanced manufacturing
and more

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