Lifeliqe is excited to be demoing its learning experiences at American Library Associacion (ALA) Midwinter in Seattle this week. From 25th to 28 of January, you can visit there Mark Andersen, one of our co-founders, in the XR Libraries booth, #1301. Lifeliqe has two exciting announcements to make. Please read below.

Lifeliqe’s VR in WorldCat

Thanks to the innovative leadership at the Nevada State Library, Lifeliqe’s VR content records have been launched into WorldCat. This is the first-in-the-world virtual reality cataloging project. This project makes 20 of Lifeliqe’s virtual reality experiences findable in search results worldwide for users.

WorldCat is the largest library catalog globally and it is maintained through the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). The goal of this project is to increase access to 3D science content through OCLC’s 80,000 libraries in 170 countries. WorldCat contains over 400 million bibliographic records in 491 languages, representing over 2.6 billion physical and digital library assets. Catalog records are what make the wealth of library resources findable around the world.

Partnership with University of Nevada in Reno

Lifeliqe is excited to be working with the Nevada State Library and the University of Nevada in Reno (UNR) on a cultural preservation project. It’s critical to UNR’s Anthropology department to preserve its collection of Paiute and Shoshone baskets. 

Lifeliqe is working with UNR and the Nevada State Library on this project as a proof of concept. As such, Lifeliqe received an interpretive basket from UNR that we’ve already turned that into an interactive 3D model. This interactive 3D model will be available digitally in many of Nevada’s libraries and at UNR so people can stay connected to Nevada’s rich history and then go see these artifacts at UNR’s museums.

Monday panel with Mark and Tammy

Please join the “XR programming in libraries” panel Monday morning that Mark will be on. This panel will give updates on the three statewide initiatives launching XR into libraries. We’ll also highlight the first-in-the-world OCLC project. Mark and Tammy Westergard will also tell the story of new benefits for autistic students learning in XR, which were identified by a Nevada speech pathologist as part of the Nevada State Library pilot, which Lifeliqe is part of.

Looking forward to see you in Seattle this weekend!

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