Surely you have noted that apart from plenty of beautiful 3D models and other visual content, there are also many lesson plans within the Lifeliqe app. They are designed learning resources including our interactive content, for all educators to use, to save time and to provide them new ideas on how to use our models when teaching certain topics. We have selected 5 of them, which you maybe haven’t found yet. Here they are!

1. Witness terrifying natural disasters

They can occur all over the world, at any time, striking with no mercy. These can threaten our infrastructure, livelihoods, and even worse – our lives. With our lesson plan about natural disasters you can reveal to your students how they occur and also how to behave in such a disastrous situation!

2. Discover human skeleton!

Biology is interesting, but also a very broad subject. If you want to teach an entire course on it, you have to prepare lessons for all the topics it includes. For this purpose, our expert in education Michael Carter has prepared a complete series of biology lesson plans. They follow the 5E instructional model, currently considered the most efficient way for teaching science. Among these lessons, those dedicated to the human body stand out the most. Check out the one dedicated to the human skeleton!

3. Play with forces, teaching Newton’s first law

Thanks to the Lifeliqe models, you can easily visualize all the stuff that is normally invisible for the human eye. Let’s check how our models work when teaching the basics of mechanics, for instance Newton’s first law. And don’t forget to try out the experiments!

4. Submerge in the world of dinosaurs

For people it’s always impressive to observe these huge frightening creatures of the Mesozoic period. Learn about different species of dinosaurs, their environment and evidence that can be found today. Travel for a while to the lost world!

5. Learn how to classify organisms

The world is full of different living things. Plants, animals, fungi, all of them have been organized by scientists. With our lesson plan about taxonomy of organisms students will learn how to know their way around this topic!

And which of the lesson plans are your favorite? Write us and let us know!

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