If you will see in the next two months in the streets of US cities a strange-looking container truck, don’t wonder. In this case it’s very probable that you would meet with the Intel Tech Learning Lab. What it actually is?

The Intel company has built a mobile container truck with special content. Inside of it you can find Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices, Internet of Things (IoT) smart whiteboards and other high-tech equipment. And with all this amazing stuff, the truck will travel all along the US, starting in the beginning of November. On his way, it will make stops at schools and other educational institutions.

The principal purpose of this long journey is to bring these innovative technologies closer to students all over the country. And of course to help the educators to use technology in the classroom. In this sense, Lifeliqe couldn’t be forgotten, representing STEM curriculum part of the VR experience section. Students will be able to try out our 20 VR experiences and more than 1,000 interactive models. As a learning tool of the 21th century, we hope that it will help to arouse students’ interest in science and technology!

To read more and see the itinerary of the truck, click here.

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