Lifeliqe is an online app for learning science with “lifelike” content such as 3D, AR, and VR, that is simple to use with Office 365 and other Microsoft solutions.

We’re providing free access to Microsoft Educator Communities for the period of July 15, 2020 thru June 30, 2021.

Just sign up in the form below until August 30 to access 1,500+ more 3D models.

Check out our coronavirus 3D model

Fill in the form to get Lifeliqe

We’re sorry, the registration period is over. If you’d like to use Lifeliqe in your classroom, please contact us.

Offer details:

  • Up to 200 accounts (including students)
  • Lifeliqe online app with 1,500 interactive 3D models. 
  • Integrations to Office 365, including Teams, OneNote, PPT, Word, and more

This offer is exclusive to:

  • All Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (US + International 10,000+)
  • Microsoft Global Training Partners (300+)
  • Microsoft Showcase Schools (500+)


  • Current paying customers of the ISV solution
  • Customers in current pre-existing sales pipeline as of July 14, 2020 with the ISV
  • Sister schools of the MIEE schools under the same school district are not qualified

The offer is valid July 15, 2020 thru June 30, 2021. Sign up until August 30.

Links and further resources

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Connect OneNote & Lifeliqe

Enrich PowerPoint or Word with Lifeliqe 3D models

Make video recordings with 3D in PowerPoint

Additional Lifeliqe content for remote learning

Learn about Office 365 integrations
Lifeliqe remote learning page
User guide
Sign in to Lifeliqe
Teach your students about Covid-19 with Lifeliqe lessons
Lifeliqe student courses 
Lifeliqe lesson plans for 5E

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