Dear teachers, Lifeliqe users and fans of educational technology, we invite you to participate in one of the most important researches about the use of AR, VR and MR for learning up to date! The employment of these technologies belongs to the frequently discussed topics in the world of education. To learn more about the effectiveness of their use, EdTech Times and SRI, a renowned education research foundation, have prepared a short questionnaire in the following link. So let’s find out more about how xR is being used at schools!

But what actually the xR, or in words, Extended Reality, means? Basically, we can understand under this term all already mentioned real-and-virtual environments generated by computer graphics and wearables. The “x” stands simply like a variable for any letter of the different abbreviations of various forms of computer-altered reality: Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Just a simplifying umbrella term for all these acronyms that the world of technology nurtures us by in the last years.

Simultaneously with the development of these technologies and their employment, there is a lot of discussion about their impact in education. Do we really learn better, faster and easier with these hi-tech innovations? Honestly, even though we’ve seen lots of reports about teachers’ opinion about xR, there is not sufficient research about how teachers are actually using it and what are the frictions standing in their way. And that is the main reason, why we have partnered with Ed Tech Times and SRI!

No doubt that both partners are the most renowned ones for this job. EdTech Times is a digital media and consulting company situated on intersection of education, innovation, technology and work, which is doing awesome job in promoting the potential of xR. SRI is a company focused on research of advanced technology and systems, on developing products and custom solutions, with a broad sphere of activity, including advanced technology and education, in between others.

And so we launch the questionnaire, because we know that each educator has a unique perspective and we want to learn from as many as possible. We hope that you will want to participate in this exciting project and share your experience!

The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes. Ongoing results will be published at the xRinEdu conference taking place in Boston, October 22. Learn more about the program on its web page!

Have a look also how schools use the Lifeliqe Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in their classrooms! Or let us know your tips, experiences and recommendations with xR in the comments below!

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